Level 3 and 4 Epilepsy Centers

Levels of epilepsy care were developed by the NAEC and are a useful tool for evaluating the appropriateness and quality of specialized epilepsy care. Whether you are a patient or a healthcare provider, you should be aware of the report by the NAEC on guidelines for epilepsy centers.

Each year, NAEC members can elect to submit a Self-Designation survey to the NAEC indicating that their epilepsy center voluntarily meets the criteria for a Level 3 or Level 4 epilepsy center. Criteria are based on the NAEC Guidelines for Essential Services, Personnel, and Facilities in Specialized Epilepsy Centers in the United States Epilepsia, 42(6):804-812, 2001. Designations are noted in the NAEC Membership Directory and members receive a certificate of Self-Designation.

Since 2003 US News and World Report has included NAEC Level 4 adult epilepsy centers as a part of their criteria in ranking America’s Best Hospitals.